Dear all,

  does anybody know is there any faq or instruction set to make
  upgrade from "normal" pop-before-smtp to SMTP AUTH with MD5 ?

  I have problems with MD5 (plain auth works ok) and donna know whats
  wrong because I configured that with instructions written to sbdy
  who had problems with that, read at this forum.

  I've made the following scenario:

  1. I've reconfigured vpopmail and added --enable-learn-passwords=y
  and --enable-clear-passwd=y
  2. I've add the following line into vpopmail table in mysql db:
ALTER TABLE `vpopmail` ADD `pw_clear_passwd` CHAR( 16 ) AFTER `pw_shell` ;

  3. I try to send mail with SMTP AUTH MD5 and it gives me AUTH
  4. I try to send the same mail with SMTP AUTH PLAIN and it works

  5. I try to put my password in pw_clear_passwd field in and after
  that md5 auth works perfectly.
  I know that I have to have pw_clear_passwd to make md5 hash from
  that and to compare with that written during smtp conversation.
  However I thought that learn-passwords switch will do that for me.

  I read that I should try clear pw_passwd and try to send an email
  then, but it doesn't work and I get the following error:
  oops, unable to write pipe and I can't auth (#4.3.0)

  I know that I'm doing sth wrong, but I donna know what.

Sylwester Biernacki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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