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>> AFAIR it does exactly what you said.

> Nope, doesn't seem to.  I rebuilt vpopmail with it enabled, edited 
> out the cleartext portions of a vpasswd file, and logged in a bunch 
> of times as that user.  No updates to vpasswd. :(

How did you log in? SMTP-AUTH using CRAM-MD5? If so the clear text
password can't be added to vpasswd, because the clear text password
didn't made it to the server. You'll need to authenticate using a
plain text method, like LOGIN or PLAIN or POP3 login (not using APOP).

Additionally you should make sure you rebuilt vpasswd.cdb after you
edited vpasswd, because else vchkpw will still see the clear text
password in vpasswd.cdb and therefore see no reason to update
anything. vchkpw does *not* look into vpasswd if everything is OK, it
just updates clear text password in there if it fails to find one in
.cdb file.
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