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On Friday, July 1, 2005 at 1:05:50 AM Paul wrote:

>> > okay, i presume then that there's a way to add permanent relay
>> > entries into the mysql database.
>>no need for this, just edit your tcp.smtp file and add a static entry.

> i wish - except for this config option when i built vpopmail:
> --disable-rebuild-tcpserver-file \

> neither my /service/smtpd/tcp.cdb nor /u1/etc/tcp.smtp.cdb are being accessed.

vpopmail does not need to access these files. tcpserver needs to. Just
add some static entries and tell tcpserver to use 'tcp.smtp.cdb'
(which ever of the two you prefer) and let tcpserver *additionally*
use MySQL database to look for dynamic relay allowances.
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