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> i wish - except for this config option when i built vpopmail:
> --disable-rebuild-tcpserver-file \

> neither my /service/smtpd/tcp.cdb nor /u1/etc/tcp.smtp.cdb are being accessed.

vpopmail does not need to access these files. tcpserver needs to. Just
add some static entries and tell tcpserver to use 'tcp.smtp.cdb'
(which ever of the two you prefer) and let tcpserver *additionally*
use MySQL database to look for dynamic relay allowances.

sure - i know i can do that. but with the rate of connections and authentications that take place on my systems, i don't want to go back to the overhead of having that file touched multiple times per second. it was great when i recently upgraded to 5.4.10, as my old version didn't have that option.

i've added some test entries to the relay db, dated ten years from now, which will likely do the trick of keeping them active.

Paul Theodoropoulos

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