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>> > i wish - except for this config option when i built vpopmail:
>> > --disable-rebuild-tcpserver-file \
>> > neither my /service/smtpd/tcp.cdb nor /u1/etc/tcp.smtp.cdb are 
>> being accessed.
>>vpopmail does not need to access these files. tcpserver needs to. Just
>>add some static entries and tell tcpserver to use 'tcp.smtp.cdb'
>>(which ever of the two you prefer) and let tcpserver *additionally*
>>use MySQL database to look for dynamic relay allowances.

> sure - i know i can do that. but with the rate of connections and 
> authentications that take place on my systems, i don't want to go 
> back to the overhead of having that file touched multiple times per 
> second.

YMMD, but 'fopen()', a fast, hash-driven, seek (the way 'cdb' works)
and a quick 'read' for a few bytes should be less overhead than a
complete SQL query, including parsing the result. Even if your MySQL
would run locally and accessed through UNIX-socket I'd expect it to be
not only more overhead, but also taking more time than this quick
local, read-only, precise access in a small file.

But it's your system, whatever makes you happy and serves your needs
can be your solution.

N.B.: Number of authentication should not play a role in accessing
your cdb-file, if you're configured vpopmail to only use MySQL the cdb
will be as static as your kernel: unless *you* change it, it won't
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Peter Palmreuther

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