If you need some help contact me off list.  I'd be more than happy to donate an hour or so to help you get going.
A little advice.  I hate stepping on the hard work of others but this isn't the first time I've heard of problems with the Qmail Rocks instructions.  Follow Bill Shupp's toaster instructions of Life With Qmail and you shouldn't have any problems.
Here's how I do my installations.  Usually takes me two to three hours total depending on how many brain-farts I have :) and how fast the Internet connection is.  I usually just download everything as I need it.  I use Mandrake so I urpmi stuff as needed as well.
You sound small enough that you probably don't need to use MySQL or PostgreSQL.  I use PostgreSQL personally.  If you are going to store your users in a database then you'll need to have that all installed prior to starting the process.
install qmail with no patches
install vpopmail
patch qmail with Bill Shupp's toaster patch and custom patch
reinstall qmail
install clamav
install razor-agents
install spamassassin
install ripmime
install simscan
install daemontools
install ucspi
install maildrop
install courier-auth
install courier-imap
install squirrelmail
I think that's about it.  I'm sure I had a lapse in memory somewhere.  I have BGP on the brain right now! :).  The order should be about right too.  I'm sure someone here will let me know if I missed anything.  :) 
For your size of office, I'd say a concurrency of 20 should be sufficient.  Looking back to your process list, it appears you have some process that's hanging and causing you to have too many concurrent connections.  I run a small ISP with about 1500 addresses on my server.  I run my concurrency max at 100 but rarely see over 10 to 20 connections.  My max today was close to 40.  That's both inbound and outbound SMTP connections.  Using simscan, I scan every message using SpamAssassin and ClamAV and don't have concurrency issues.
Hope you find this information useful.

Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2005 6:19 PM
Subject: Re: [vchkpw] Qmail keeps failing!

Hello all!
    First off, I would truly like to thank all of the people who have responded to my post. Your level of support has been all so helpful. Everyone that has passed my email has been investigated deeply.
    The best part is that I have more question due to the enlightenment I now have,,,,, and a few suggestions for the developers.
    Quickly, my background is USMC and self taught training. My expertise is in routing / networks / and apps that support them. I have about 6 collage credits towards programming, so my c++ is very basic with many memory leaks etc... in my programs which is why I leave most of that to you guys (and girls!).
    So, as a knuckle head who stepped away from Microsoft about 3 years ago to Linux (gratefully), I think I am slightly past novice. So my questions are very legit for the typical admin embracing QMail.
    Quick follow up because most of the previous emails have been chopped from the replies.
    My original problem was qmail failing.
    After a day or so or less, outgoing emails would not make it out. Our typical mail program is MS Outlook. (Yes, I know, MS sucks, but preferred with my customers).
    MS Outlook would just sit there and time out on an outgoing email request.
    A gentlemen pointed out he my CONCURRENCY limits were max-ing out. They were set to 30 for an office of about 23 workstations (makes sense because Microsoft does not like to let go of stuff).
    I set the limits to the max.
    Ok, someone pointed out that this was not a good idea unless I wanted my server to come to it's knees due to a memory flood. I began to see this response and switched it to 115.
    Ok, it seems to be doing ok now, but.......
    (yes, all can criticize me on this, but the situation merits it right now)
    This server right now is also being used as a master file server for engineering data.
    This 115 might very well shoot me in the foot very soon due to load issues!!!!
    I was told to disable spamassasin for out going emails.
    (good point but how?)
    Or disable it all together (can't, this IP was identified and a prime spam source when MS Exchange was running the email (go figure, someone hacked Exchange 2003).
     I just had a gentleman refer to a -c flag adjustment (Dude, chu wanna come work for me? You are on a level wayyyyy above me. Keep up the good work!)
    I followed the QMailRocks installation to the "t" for this Qmail installation.
    Ok, the nuts and bolts,
    I can find no indication that I am scanning outgoing email at all, in the Qmail scanner.
    How do I find/verify and disable?
    What are the key apps I should launch to see what or who has control in qmail issues and why (i am aware of the obvious /var/log/.... and netstat and ps and the other very basics.)
    What are the recommendations to tune this system correctly (this is a new install and 3rd qmail install for myself)\
Suggestion for the developers::::::::::::::::
A simple question during configure for the expected number of users....... To prevent this obvious and known issue.
Thank YOU, Thank YOU everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brad Sumrall

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