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I am having a problem with chkuser.  When qmail is running with the patch,
everthing appears to be working fine.
i can telnet into port 25 of my server and send a test message from my
local box and a remote box.
this test appears in my inbox as normal.
but when i send through a mail client, such was outlook, thunderbird, or
even yahoo webmail, the messages are not delivered AT ALL.

mail works normally when i use the old qmail-smtpd file [before patching].

Does this make sense to anyone?

If it works telnetting to port 25, then it should work from anywhere, as the protocol is the same and the programs are the same.

What are logs saying about rejected/lost messages?

 * Uncomment this to enable uid/gid changing
 * (switching UID/GID is NOT compatible with TLS; you may keep this
commented if you have TLS)

Are you using this the right way, putting right setuid/setgid bits on over patched qmail-smtpd?

thanks for any help in advance

Dan Delaney


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