> hoy do you pass the mails from the MX servers to the mailstore server? you
> mount the unit with nfs, or you do it with smtproutes?

smtproutes. I've been thinking about changing it from smtp to qmtp too,
since qmtp seems to be made for this kind of thing, but I haven't had the

> note that you can configure in vpopmail a mysql read server and a mysql
> write server, so it would be pretty easy so set up replication servers in
> mysql and use that. with round robin dns you could scale out more
> replication servers if in need.

Yeah, that's what we were thinking on the MySQL side of things... A few
replicated MySQL servers with lots of RAM and RAID. We use round robin DNS
to split load between our inbound MX servers, but I don't think that would
work for authenticated services like IMAP and POP3. That's my big concern
with scaling.

> how many users/domains are you handling?

Right now maybe 1500-2000 or so users, and about 1.5 million messages/day.
This amount of load is handled pretty well by our current setup, but I
expect in the coming year to be well over 10k users and probably 6 times
the message volume, maybe more. We're rolling out a new fiber Internet
access product that includes email service for buisness, and I expect a
lot of new load from that.


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