do you use suexec in apache?

you must your script run as user root or vpopmail.


Charles Collicutt schrieb:

I have written a CGI program in C for web-based administration of a
vpopmail setup. It duplicates some of the functionality of Qmailadmin
but I have written it in order to test some ideas and learn more about
Vpopmail before I write a more complicated program.

When I run it from the command line it works perfectly - no problems at
all. However, when it is called as a CGI program by Apache it seems to
have a problem with vauth_getpw() - it returns NULL even for valid
users. I am using the MySQL backend.

I have no problems with vpopmail normally, and even this program works
fine when called from the command line (with the appropriate input and
environment variables as if it were a CGI program), but vauth_getpw()
just doesn't seem to work when the program is invoked by Apache. There
isn't anything in Apache's error.log either.

Does anyone have any idea what's going wrong?

Thanks for your help.

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