On Oct 19, 2005, at 2:36 PM, James Longstreet wrote:
Is it possible to have qmailadmin allow other users to administrate
mailing lists? Otherwise, what is the best option for such an interface?
One that is in Gentoo's Portage tree would be ideal, but not strictly

Something on my wish list has been to allow list owners to administrate their own lists. I envision a system where non admins can see lists they're moderators for or owners of (if it's an email address in the same domain as the list). I see the following access control limits:

postmaster -- full control, as always
list owner -- can't add or delete lists, but can modify an existing list, add/del/list moderators and subscribers moderator -- can't add, delete or modify lists, but can add/del/list subscribers for lists they moderate

What does everyone else think of that idea? It might not even be that hard to add as a feature. I'm tied up with my day job, and even have a commitment to do some sponsored QmailAdmin development when I get the chance (adding an index to the aliases page like we already have for pop/imap accounts). If there's enough interest, I'd explore adding that feature in the next two months or so.

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