Drew Wells wrote:
It extends the normal use of .qmail file to .qmail, .qmail-default, .qmail-extension and .qmail-extension-default based on the remaining extension on the incoming E-Mail address in the order as specified in the qmail source code.

I may be slow, it's been a very long month already and I am taking a beating this morning. You are saying that if I have an address of [EMAIL PROTECTED] I may create


and it will be handled correctly?


On Fri, 16 Dec 2005, DAve wrote:

Drew Wells wrote:

I have patched VpopMail 5.4.13 so that each user in a domain can have there E-Mail handled by there own set of .qmail files (in /var/vpopmail/domains/{domain}/{user}), this is a patch to 'int check_forward_deliver(char *dir)' in vdelivermail.c. This means for us when we delete an E-Mail address all the special delivery rules are also deleted (for that user). Is this patch of any interest to anyone or is this meant to be done another way ?


Call me crazy but I have used .qmail files in the users directory for two years with vpopmail, up to 5.4.10.

How does your patch differ from vpopmails normal behavior?


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