just a quick question. i'm maintaining the monster combined patch that
"qmailrocks" has adopted, and over the past few months i've been hammered
with questions about using QUEUE_EXTRA. apparently it works with older
versions of my combined patch, but since i added the ext_todo patch (which
solves the "silly qmail syndrome" by splitting qmail-send into two
programs- "qmail-todo" which classifies messages as "local" or "remote",
and "qmail-send" which schedules deliveries) people are saying that it
doesn't work.

i'm thinking about possibly including the qmailtap patch in my combined
patch file. however, the biggest problem i've seen from people using
QUEUE_EXTRA is that they set up loops when they try to send the copies to
a remote address, and because the copy has to traverse the queue, it gets
logged and sent to the monitor address... and THAT copy gets logged, and
so forth... eventually the server runs out of disk space and spews all
over itself, and the recipient of the monitored messages gets flooded by
literally endless copies of every message going through the server.

my question is this: does inter7's qmailtap patch include some kind of
loop detection code, in order to prevent this kind of thing from
happening? if so, how does the loop detection work?

for those who may be curious, here's the web page for my combined patch.


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