did you do mine first and then qmailtap, or the other way around? did
the patch apply cleanly or were there any rejects which had to be
handled manually?

Actually, I had tried do install both patches one after the other and was not able to ever get it to work. The two patches had a couple files in common, one of which was qregex.c. The combined patch touched so many files that it seemed to throw the line count for the qmailtap patch off just enough to cause compile errors. Unfortunately, I am not a C or C++ programmer and did things here the hard way. I now have a much better understanding of the patchfile syntax due to the fact that I integrated the qmailtap patch into your combined patch 1.6c one line at a time. The qmailtap patch modifies qmailqueue under the makefile section and your combine patch did not. The tap patch also modifies qmail-queue.8 which your combined patch did not alter. One of my biggest concerns with using both of these patches was when I combine the modifications that both files performed on error.h. Within your combined patch it seems to comment out the errno by moving it to /* extern int errno; */ The tap patch seems to need this to be declared for it to run correctly. I added that line back into the patch for qmailtaps functionality to not be broken. My concern had risen out of the fact that I now had extern int error_intr, extern int error_nomem, extern int errno. Since I only have enough C/C++ knowledge to follow general program structure, trying to track down the functions and files that use these integers would be a tail chasing nightmare. Personally, I don't think running one patch and then the other is possible due to the changes in line counts within the files being patched. Having said that, there is probably an easier way to accomplish what I had without reading line for line and modifying the @@ 's. To get both patches applied correctly one has to understand the changes that these files perform. Due to this fact, releasing something like this onto the qmailrocks list would be an absolute nightmare. I am amazed at some of the questions that are asked by some members of that list. They should just put "I have absolutely no actual understanding of what's going on here... is there some kind of wizard I could click on" inside thier signatures. As I stated previously, the server I performed these actions on was never put into production so I only tested the supercombined tappatch using local accounts. I was able to $personal_knowledge++ by working on these two patches and making them into one file. That is a much larger benefit to me than being able to block spam & tap accounts. That is one of the biggest problems with qmr.... the lack of understanding & the lack of wanting to understand. I've started to ramble now but that was the way I accomplished applying both patches.

Adam Ossenford

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