my answer to this question is usually "i'm not going to add it to my
combined patch- if you can add it, more power to you" but i figured
in the interest of fairness i would at least ask the inter7 guys
about it... the qmailtap web page lists this as one of the places to
discuss qmailtap, and i know several of the inter7 guys are on this
list. maybe one of them will have better news...

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I was able to integrate your qmail-1.03-jms1.6c patch and the qmail tap patch successfully. It compiled and ran with the tap functionality. However, I could not give any testimonial about performance loss due to QUEUE_EXTRA because the test server never reached production. I understand you have released an updated version of your combined patch. I haven't had an opportunity to attempt combining the two once again. If the server isn't high volume would the functionality outweigh the performance loss due to the drawbacks with QUEUE_EXTRA?

Adam Ossenford

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