On 2006-05-12, at 1347, Tom Collins wrote:
On May 12, 2006, at 10:22 AM, MT wrote:
The qmail-smtpd process doesn't have the correct permissions to read the vpasswd file for the domain (or the vpopmail.mysql file with the MySQL login info).

So I'm still reinstalling - nice POS hardware I'm given to use (but that's another story). If anyone could tell me please, what should the permissions be? This is the setup I did:

Just make sure qmail-smtpd runs as user vpopmail.

are you the one who came up with this idea, or did you get the idea from somebody else? can you explain to me WHY this is supposedly necessary?

even when i was using vchkpw to support AUTH, i just made vchkpw setuid so it always runs as the vpopmail user, and left qmail-smtpd running as qmaild, as djb intended. (i'm now using a cdb file to support AUTH- much faster, no fork/exec or userid headaches, and much easier to make it work across multiple servers- just copy the cdb file to the other servers and it's done. patch coming soon.)

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