Have vpopmail running and its working very well. :) One of my clients has
xxx.com for their domain. The just changed their company name and need to
change to a new email domain yyy.com. What is the easiest way to migrate
to the new yyy.com domain. Should I just create the new domain and copy
the contents of the old one to it, or will this lead to problems. ANy help
would be appreciated.


Use valias for the new domain to the old domain for now, for a week, month, or a few months as needed. When mail to the old domain ceases, delete the alias and create the new domain and users, copy the maildir contents over from the old domain to the new domain and then delete the old domain. Don't!!!! forget to check permissions on the maildirs and check/correct any paths you might have in .qmail files.

I've done this many times, not a problem.


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