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Have vpopmail running and its working very well. :) One of my clients has xxx.com for their domain. The just changed their company name and need to change to a new email domain yyy.com. What is the easiest way to migrate
to the new yyy.com domain. Should I just create the new domain and copy
the contents of the old one to it, or will this lead to problems. ANy help
would be appreciated.

The easiest way is to create yyy.com as an alias to xxx.com.

~vpopmail/bin/vaddaliasdomain xxx.com yyy.com

This way, you don't have to change any path names. They can continue to receive mail for the old domain as well. If you want yyy.com to be the "real" domain and xxx.com to be the "alias", you can edit /var/qmail/users/assign. After editing, run qmail-newu. Verify it's good by using vdominfo and/or vuserinfo.

If you want to change the domain's directory, you'll have to update:

Each user's Maildir path (vpasswd file, or database backend)
Mailing list configurations
and possibly autoresponders (I can't recall if they have full or relative paths).

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