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i have an RHEL-Qmail-Vpopmail-Installation with 2 virtural domains
(xxx.com and yyy.com). Domain xxx.com is in daily use. yyy.com is only
there for fallback if the real yyy.com mailserver dies.

Reiterating what others have said...

If your server is just a backup MX server for yyy.com, it should only appear in rcpthosts or morercpthosts. If there's another server with a lower MX number, your server will queue the mail and try to deliver it to yyy.com.

If your server is really a backup server in case the real server is destroyed (vs. just falling off the net for a few hours), then you'll have to remove yyy.com from /var/qmail/control/virtualdomains. You can then keep the ~vpopmail/domains/yyy.com directory in-tact, possibly updating it from the main server via rsync. When the old server kicks the bucket, add yyy.com back into virtualdomains, update the DNS records so you're now the primary DNS server, and you're off and running.

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