On Monday 03 July 2006 12:09, Austin Jorden wrote:
> Thanks Jeremy.   So my plan is this:
> > Install RedHat Enterprise
> > Install QMail, vpopmail, vqadmin, qmailadmin and squirrelmail.
> > Transfer vpopmail directory, and qmail directory over to new machine

using rsync

> > make sure the GID and UID's are the same

and make sure the 'home directory' is the same as well.  There are a *lot* of 
hardcoded paths to binaries and files and such in your domain directories, so 
it's much easier to keep everything the same.

> > Test everything out and make sure it's all working
> > use RSYNC to transfer left over emails right before I do change over so
> none of them are lost.
> Does this sound correct?


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