Austin Jorden wrote:
Ok, all of the UID's on the new box have to make all of the UID's of the old
box.  This means all of the user accounts?    Same passwords too?    and
RSync is simply a program that will allow file transfer easily?

- Austin

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Austin Jorden wrote:
Okay, I was able to get the postmaster password.  I updated Vpopmail and
installed vQadmin and was able to change it.  Yet did I know that I
of simply used a command that is used to change the postmaster password:

Under root, do:
~vpopmail/bin/vpasswd [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Then it'll ask for the new password wanted.

On the new server, I've created the domain that I need.  Then I'll go
under that domain in the old server and 'zip -r email *' which zips all
the contents recursively.   When I download that 2GB file to the new
server and unzip it.  I can't login to the Qmailadmin program using the
postmaster pass.  However I use the command to change the password -
however the email accounts listed aren't viewed correctly.  It won't
me the correct used space and/or correct quota.  When I try to edit the
user.... I get an "Internal Server Error"

Is there something I can install on both machines that's made to
accounts from one QMail setup to the other?

Austin Jorden
(972) 284-4909
Digitalpath of Texas

make sure the uid's on each system match, and use rsync...

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they dont "have to", match, but the uid's and gid's should match, unless you dont mind going through and fixing permissions...

as long as they do, then you can add the --perms argument to rsync (along with other args), and it will move stuff over for you.

also, if you are doing a hard cut-over of IPs, then tar would probably be quicker. you can pipe tar over ssh even...

now, as far as why the passwords/disk usage displays incorrectly, something tells me that there are permission problems within the ~vpopmail/domains.


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