Austin Jorden wrote:
Okay, I was able to get the postmaster password.  I updated Vpopmail and
installed vQadmin and was able to change it.  Yet did I know that I could
of simply used a command that is used to change the postmaster password:

Under root, do:
~vpopmail/bin/vpasswd [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Then it'll ask for the new password wanted.

On the new server, I've created the domain that I need.  Then I'll go
under that domain in the old server and 'zip -r email *' which zips all of
the contents recursively.   When I download that 2GB file to the new
server and unzip it.  I can't login to the Qmailadmin program using the
postmaster pass.  However I use the command to change the password -
however the email accounts listed aren't viewed correctly.  It won't tell
me the correct used space and/or correct quota.  When I try to edit the
user.... I get an "Internal Server Error"

Is there something I can install on both machines that's made to transfer
accounts from one QMail setup to the other?

Austin Jorden
(972) 284-4909
Digitalpath of Texas

make sure the uid's on each system match, and use rsync...

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