uro jotne wrote:
I have run into some strange trouble with a fresh installation of netqmail-1.05 / 
vpopmail-5.2.2 (on Debian Sarge). I have run inst_check, which reassuringly reported 
"Congratulation, your installation looks good!". I configured vpopmail thus:
./configure --enable-roaming-users --enable --enable-logging=y --enable-file-sync I have done this installation a few times and always got it working. Hower, this time around I cannot get rid of the error message:
 "The mail server reported sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts 
 when I try to send mail to external mail addresse.
The only differens with this installatio is this I used netqmail (in the past I have applied the patches manually) and the latest version of vpopmail. Apart from that everything should be the same. The mail server resides at a 172.16.0 net and the client machines at a net. If I have understood the documentation correctly, vpopmail must be configured with "--enable-roaming-users" if the client machines are on a different net. Correct? The entry in /home/vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp is 172.16.0.:allow,RELAYCLIENT="" and I have done
 qmailctl cdb
 qmailctl stop
 qmailctl start
In /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts I have got the entry mydomain.com qmailctl stat shows that all four qmail processes are running normally. By the way, vpopmail added the entry
I have not really fathomed why the hostname should be included here. What's it purpose? Anyway, I have tried booth: hostname.mydomain.com
 (in the past I have used just mydomain.com)
I am able to send and receive mail locally, using Thunderbird via IMAP (Bincimap imap server). I can also send to external mail addresses using qmail-inject, booth as root and as vpopmail. However, when I try to send from Thunderbird I always get the error message: "The mail server reported sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.7.1).". Same behaviour when using Opera. Attempting to send to an external mail address results in the following entry in /var/log(qmail/log/smtp/current:
 @4000000044b3aeb322da727c tcpserver: status: 1/20
 @4000000044b3aeb322da89ec tcpserver: pid 9983 from
 @4000000044b3aeb3244bd4fc tcpserver: ok 9983 mydomain.com: 
 @4000000044b3aeb7137d671c tcpserver: end 9983 status 256
 @4000000044b3aeb7137d7e8c tcpserver: status: 0/20
Also, I do not receive external mail. I am probably overlooking something, but I cannot figure out what it could be. Any ideas about what to try next?


I do not believe that binc will pass the IP address to allow the tcp.smtp to be updated. Either use smtp-auth (a much better idea) or use qmail-pop3 instead of imap to get relay-users working.

Take note, I could be wrong about binc passing the IP address but I don't run binc, nor do I use --relay-users



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