I did up the wait_timeout and that is not the issue, in my.cnf we had
max_user_connections=300 but no gobal max_connections setting.

In my.cnf:

set-variable = max_user_connections = 300 
set-variable = table_cache=1200 
set-variable = max_allowed_packet=1M 
set-variable = max_connect_errors=999999 
set-variable = log-warnings=2

Were waiting for a failure now.

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during query - once again

Michael Bellears schrieb:
>>> Just how busy is MySQL? 
>> Not very. The server is kinda big and the "lost connection" 
>> is almost instant.
>> The reconnect, though, takes a couple seconds.
> Does restarting MySQL "resolve" the problem for a period?
Not at all. I see the connections coming in, and when they're killed off by
mysql after 5 minutes (our wait_timeout), the issues start again.

Upping wait_timeout is not an option, since the server *can* get very busy
lots of other persistent connections.



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