Joshua Megerman wrote:

In my experience, as long as you add new fields AFTER the existing
vpopmail fields, you shouldn't have any problems.

The order of the fields in the table should not matter. I believe vpopmail always uses explicit lists, so as long as you provide all of the required fields it should be happy.

Just remember that you're likely to break things if you do something
> funky.

Yes.  The fields vpopmail uses must be the right size and type.

Also, you'll have to populate those fields manually after you create
> the user unless you want to hack the vpopmail code to do it directly.

I believe vdelivermail has support for creating the Maildir for a user when the first email comes in. All you have to do is create the database entry and wait for a message. (Maybe the one sent by John's onchange patch.) <disclamer>I may be wrong, I use cdb.</disclamer>


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