On Wednesday 13 December 2006 01:47, Rick Widmer wrote:
> Joshua Megerman wrote:
> > In my experience, as long as you add new fields AFTER the existing
> > vpopmail fields, you shouldn't have any problems.
> The order of the fields in the table should not matter.  I believe
> vpopmail always uses explicit lists, so as long as you provide all of
> the required fields it should be happy.
OK, I just looked at the MySQL code (the backend I use, and therefore am 
familiar with) and you're correct.  I don't know if that changed since 
sometime in 5.3.x, when I first played with extending the DB, but at this 
point it looks like the columns are explicitly stated in order for all 
relevant SQL queries, so the order in the DB shouldn't matter.  Just don't 
change the order in the query without changing the code - that I know for 
certain :)

> I believe vdelivermail has support for creating the Maildir for a user
> when the first email comes in.  All you have to do is create the
> database entry and wait for a message.  (Maybe the one sent by John's
> onchange patch.)  <disclamer>I may be wrong, I use cdb.</disclamer>
I believe you are correct - the user dir doesn't get created until the first 
attempt by vpopmail to either read or write to it (e.g., deliver a message, 
check via pop3, etc.).  I don't think this depends on the backend, as every 
backend stores the location of the user dir effectively the same way.

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