I am a small software engineer who is currently doing contract work for a company, and I have a question about what license the vpopmail library is under (vpopmail.a and friends). I am developing commercial software for them that would link against the library, and now I have read that doing so could cause my binary to fall under the GPL, and thus it's source code as well, are these claims warranted? If so, would it be possible to get the vpopmail lib's under something less constrictive, for example the LGPL?

I know you guys are not lawyers and I should instead contact them, but I figured it would be easier to ask here first before going for professional advice, where I would have to spend hundreds of dollars an hour.

Now, would it be okay if I wrote a wrapper, which if needed could be released under the GPL, that then talked to the real binary through other means (pipes, most probably)?

Thank you,
Bert JW Regeer

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