5.4.20 - released 21-Aug-07

Release Notes:

Except for ldap and two new vpopmaild commands, this is entirely a bug
fix release.  Tracker items in this release:

   1765534 - vdominfo crashes with a lot of aliased domains

   1909348 - ldap patch

   A number of items that only appeared on the vpopmail list.

NOTE: the protocol of vpopmaild's mod_user command has changed.  It now
returns +OK if the command passes all validation and is ready to accept
options.  This now works the same as set_limits.  For both, you should
check for errors before you send options.

5.4.20 - Released 21-Aug-2007
        Bill Shupp/Rick Widmer
        - add show_error function to vpopmaild

        Rick Widmer
        - Make vadduser check that domain exists and user does not exist
          before prompting for password
        - Add TODO file to record stuff I don't want to forget
        - Add README.vdelivermail
        - Add examples for delete and bounce-no-mailbox to help on

        Remo Mattei
        - Change upgrade script to use pw_domain instead of domain in
          example code
          to change domain name field lengths.

        John Simpson, Joshua Megerman, Adam Sloan
        - Fix bad exit if script exists but can not be executed
        - Fix missing onchange on delete of alias domain

        John Simpson
        - Bug fix for vuserifo - vlimits
        Harm van Tilborg
        - Add support to vpopmaild to retrieve used storage sizes of
          domains or users
        - mod_user did not respond +OK if command is valid

        Vitali Malicky (coonardoo), Ismail Yenigul
        - add ldap patch [1909348]

        Ronnie Karstenberg (rkarstenberg)
        - vdominfo crashes with a lot of aliased domains [1765534]

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