NOTE: If you use any unusual ./configure options when you build vpopmail, please give this version a try. I would like to get a stable version of vpopmail that works for everyone before moving on with new development. Now would be a good time to report any problems you have with your particular set of ./configure options!


5.4.22 - released 15-Sep-07

Release Notes:

This is an all bug fix release.

o segfault from isCatchall when MySQL back end is used with valias.

o Missing ERR defines in vpopmaild.msg

o Fix Help text for *_ip_map in vpopmaild.

o Incompatible type warnings in maildirquota.


5.4.22 - Released 15-Sep-2007
         Steve Cole
        - invalid MySQL info in UPGRADE

        Bill Shupp
        - Missing ERR defines in vpopmaild.msg
        - Fix help text for add_ip_map and del_ip_map in vpopmaild.c

        Rick Widmer
        - attack warnings in maildirquota by making some variables
        unsigned everywhere

         Steve Cole, Marcello Lupo, Japheth Cleaver,  Rick Widmer
        - segfault in vdeluser with MySQL back end.  Work around
        applied, and note added to TODO about making database valias
        return .qmail files if they exist which is the long term fix.

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