mlist wrote:

I'm upgrading vpopmail to version 5.4.21. The documentation states that I need to alter some tables.

ALTER TABLE `dir_control` CHANGE `pw_domain` `pw_domain` CHAR(96) NOT NULL;
ALTER TABLE `ip_alias_map` CHANGE pw_domain pw_domain CHAR(96) NOT NULL;


I read on a previous post that I actually need to change the 'domain' columns (instead of 'pw_domain') - however, I'm running into one problem. I compiled with --disable-many-domains and my domain tables do not have a 'pw_domain' nor a 'domain' column. What am I missing here? Any help is appreciated.

If you were starting from scratch, I would recommend not using --disable-many-domains, as I believe it is more efficient to have a single table with all data, and don't really like the idea of vpopmail adding tables when domains are created or having to delete them when the domain is removed. Its probably too late for that now...

Please try creating a domain with a long name, up around 80-90 characters long. Then try to add a user, delete that user then delete that domain. If it all works, you are in good shape and I'll change the note in INSTALL to say you don't have to do anything special if you are using --disable-many-domains. If you have problems, let me know what happens and I'll figure something out. I expect it will probably work.


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