Also, just a supposition on my part, but if you're running (e.g.)
courier-authdaemon linked against all the time, wouldn't
that (theoretically) mean that other dynamically linked vpopmail programs
would run faster than the static version since the library would already
be loaded in memory?  If so, perhaps the speed solution for a dynamic
(e.g.) vdelivermail would be to run something that was dynamically linked
all the time, so libvpopmail stayed in memory...

Yes and no. If a third party program is statically linked the vpopmail calls are native to its memory space. So if the program is a long running process, it is actually faster than calling out to a shared vpopmail library. If the program is not a long running program, then it might take a bit longer due to the larger size of the binary.

The static library is a megabyte in size so it would be nice to have a shared version in case one has a program that is run on the order of hundreds concurrently.

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