Joshua Megerman wrote:

1) A shared library with a stable API would make recompiling outside
programs (e.g., QmailAdmin) unnecessary, which would be a Good Thing(tm).

It is that 'stable API' that is the killer. I know some ./configure options change the interface to libvpopmail. I don't know which ones they are. :( I do know if you change some of the options you can get some spectacular failures if you forget to re-compile everything that uses vpopmail.

Once upon a time vpopmail was designed to be quick and tiny. All options were compiled in. Since then at least 3 of the back ends have adopted a configuration file. Maybe it is time to look at moving most of the ./configure options to a configuration file and have only one vpopmail library interface for the entire life of a major (minor?) version.

Are we starting 5.5 or 6.0 if we change the library interface, and table layouts?

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