On Sep 25, 2007, at 6:31 AM, Joshua Megerman wrote:
Perhaps the first step is to document the API as it currently stands, and give people the option to build a shared library with the caviat that if
you reconfigure vpopmail, you need to rebuild those things that link
against it.  That would be a 5.5 branch, since it doesn't change the
current functionality (much). Then we can in parallel start developing the truly stable API and other changes that will become 6.0, and when we
do we can increment libvpopmail.so to indicate the ABI difference.

I would love to see this happen, but it is going to take a considerable amount of work. I'm willing to provide lots of input on the API, but really don't have time to contribute actual code.

I can help out with documenting some of the ways that QmailAdmin interfaces with vpopmail. Getting a new version of QmailAdmin to compile to a shared vpopmail lib with a single vpopmail.h to describe the API would be great. As it is now, QmailAdmin actually uses vpopmail's config.h file at build time. That will definitely have to go.

If we use two different names, could we retain backward compatibility by building a libvpopmail the way we do now (statically linked, apps may use vpopmail's config.h, etc.) in addition to the new-style, shared library with a well-defined API?

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