Michael Johnson wrote:
Rick Macdougall wrote:

I've been running into an issue on our mail server recently. As traffic
has been increasing on it, I've been getting the response that I listed
in the subject more often, and now customers are also seeing it (busy
try again later!). Of course, this response causes any mail clients to
prompt for password, making it rather annoying.

I'm using sslserver from the ucspi-ssl package so I can offer
ssl-encrypted connections as well. The non-encrypted process is set to
300 connections, and the ssl process is at 200.

And you have about 6K users ??? Our server with about 30K users almost never goes over 40 concurrent connections, and we do have quite a few users checking every minute.

Are you sure there isn't some issue with authentication or perhaps I/O that is slowing down the pop connections ?



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