ckubu wrote:

if this isn't the right place for questions help in such a propblem, please ignore and sorry. and also sorry for my bad english.

I like to run a mailserver on my openbsd 4.1. system. the services should be:
   - qmail (netqmail 1.0.5)
   - vpopmail (5.4.18)
   - courier-imap (4.1.2) with autentification via courier-authdaemon (0.59.1)
     against vpopmails vchkpw
   - webmailer

system staff:
   os.........: i386 openbsd 4.1
   cpu........: amd 64 (pc-style)

until now, qmail in conjunction with vpopmail works fine. the problem appears when building the courier-authdaemon. the module for authentication against vchkpw is not build. i miss some file like
the gmake output looks like:

Perhaps consider Dovecot in place of courier, current courier authlib needs patching for some OS's, Sam has known about this since May, but has not done a thing about it, we got sick of it breaking and use Dovecot which works beautifully with Vpomail
You could even use Dovecot to handle your POP3 if you wanted to.

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