> > [..]
> >
> > until now, qmail in conjunction with vpopmail works fine. the problem
> > appears when building the courier-authdaemon. the module for
> > authentication against vchkpw is not build. i miss some file like
> > libauthvchkpw.so
> > the gmake output looks like:
> Perhaps consider Dovecot in place of courier, current courier authlib
> needs patching for some OS's,  Sam has known about this since May, but
> has not done a thing about it, we got sick of it breaking and use
> Dovecot which works beautifully with Vpomail
> You could even use Dovecot to handle your POP3 if you wanted to.

thanks for that tip. i installed dovecot and it seems to work ( i tried it 
with one imap and imap-ssl connection). it's not my first solution, but good 
to known, that i can fall back in this server environment.

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