One of my hosting servers has become overwhelmed with processing inbound mail, and it's affecting the web and POP/IMAP hosting too much. I feel that it will be easier to move spam/virus scanning off to another machine than it will be to try splitting my customers across two servers (I do not want to move web and email hosting for a bunch of domains).

I'm currently considering a VPS (virtual private server) solution, and it looks like I'll be fine with a server that provides 512MB of RAM and a minimal amount of disk space. Can anyone recommend a hosting company that they've been happy with?

My plan is to do a full Shupp Toaster install, but leave out apache and SquirrelMail. I'll use rsync from my main server to sync ~vpopmail/domains (minus Maildir directories) so chkuser will work. I'll sync the appropriate files from /var/qmail/control, and add an smtproutes file built from the rcpthosts and morercpthosts files (it will just point to my server's IP).

If, over time, the VPS becomes overloaded, I should be able to pay for a larger resource allocation with my VPS provider, or just duplicate the VPS and start another instance with it's own IP and have equally-weighted MX records point to each. I'd probably even host the VPS copy with a different provider for redundancy.

Thoughts?  Recommendations?

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