> If, over time, the VPS becomes overloaded, I should be able to pay
> for a larger resource allocation with my VPS provider, or just
> duplicate the VPS and start another instance with it's own IP and
> have equally-weighted MX records point to each.  I'd probably even
> host the VPS copy with a different provider for redundancy.
> Thoughts?  Recommendations?
Don't use Verio - we have a system right now and they keep mucking up my
startup configuration, putting crontabs back that I've deleted, and
semi-randomly restarting services (including those I've turned off) every
time  the do an OS update (they "relink" just about everything, which is
good for binaries but bad for configuration files...).  I've already
spoken to someone once, and it seems liek they're still getting the hang
of doing it on Linux (they have apparently done this for a long time with
BSD).  Probably great if you just need a {random|generic} linux box to
work with, or want all their default services running, but we're using it
for external nagios monitoring and I want nothing running that isn't
needed for that...

Joshua Megerman
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