Adam Cantwell wrote:

>> My plan is to do a full Shupp Toaster install, but leave out apache
>> and SquirrelMail.  I'll use rsync from my main server to sync
>> ~vpopmail/domains (minus Maildir directories) so chkuser will work. 
>> I'll sync the appropriate files from /var/qmail/control, and add an
>> smtproutes file built from the rcpthosts and morercpthosts files (it
>> will just point to my server's IP).
> If you're going to split things up, you should look at John Simpson's
> validrcptto patch instead of chkuser.  Only one file needs to be synced
> across.

Taking that concept one step further...

I would run an instance of qpsmtpd [1] with my check_validrcptto_cdb
plugin [2]. You might find you don't even need another server - I found
that the reduction in load caused by rejecting mail at the SMTP
conversation rather than accepting it and bouncing it was quite staggering.



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