Tom Collins wrote:
One of my hosting servers has become overwhelmed with processing inbound mail, and it's affecting the web and POP/IMAP hosting too much. I feel that it will be easier to move spam/virus scanning off to another machine than it will be to try splitting my customers across two servers (I do not want to move web and email hosting for a bunch of domains).

I'm currently considering a VPS (virtual private server) solution, and it looks like I'll be fine with a server that provides 512MB of RAM and a minimal amount of disk space. Can anyone recommend a hosting company that they've been happy with?

My plan is to do a full Shupp Toaster install, but leave out apache and SquirrelMail. I'll use rsync from my main server to sync ~vpopmail/domains (minus Maildir directories) so chkuser will work. I'll sync the appropriate files from /var/qmail/control, and add an smtproutes file built from the rcpthosts and morercpthosts files (it will just point to my server's IP).

If, over time, the VPS becomes overloaded, I should be able to pay for a larger resource allocation with my VPS provider, or just duplicate the VPS and start another instance with it's own IP and have equally-weighted MX records point to each. I'd probably even host the VPS copy with a different provider for redundancy.

Thoughts?  Recommendations?

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I've heard good things about Slicehost ( from friends but have not used them personally.

If you're going to split things up, you should look at John Simpson's validrcptto patch instead of chkuser. Only one file needs to be synced across.


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