If I had a server hardware failure... and my hardware breaks... so I need
to set up a new one qmail server... what should I have backed up in my
actual qmail server and how could I recover all data? I mean... I suppose
I should compile, install and use the same vpopmail and qmail version. I
suppose too I should have a backup of the mysql vpopmail database,
/var/qmail directory and /home/vpopmail directory too, is enough having
only this backed up? and later... I suppose I should overwrite
/home/vpopmail and /var/qmail fully with my backed up version? but this
couldn't cause later problems with courier-imap compiled binaries? because
they're compiled with just have installed vpopmail libraries and not with
backed ones?

Thanks a lot mates
Hope I have explained :)

I'm pretty sure (someone will confirm?) that you *can't* backup the qmail queue and restore it elsewhere because it's designed around the inode numbers on the filesystem that you ran it on initially. For this reason, I would say don't backup /var/qmail/queue/*


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