Thanks a lot John... you're work in qmail is excellent truthly...
congratulations mate truthly...

>> If I had a server hardware failure... and my hardware breaks... so I
>> need
>> to set up a new one qmail server... what should I have backed up in my
>> actual qmail server and how could I recover all data?
> see ... explained in full.
>> I suppose I should overwrite
>> /home/vpopmail and /var/qmail fully with my backed up version?
> no. the web page explains exactly what needs to be backed up and
> restored. the backup scripts i run on my own server and my clients'
> servers use this list, and i've actually done several recoveries (from
> dead hard drives and dead servers) where nothing was lost except new
> mail which arrived after the most recent backup.
>> but this
>> couldn't cause later problems with courier-imap compiled binaries?
>> because
>> they're compiled with just have installed vpopmail libraries and not
>> with
>> backed ones?
> when courier-imap (or more specifically, courier-authlib) is compiled,
> it is STATICALLY linked with libvpopmail.a. this means that the
> "libvpopmail.a" file needs to be in place while courier-authlib is being
> compiled, but it doesn't need to be there (or it doesn't need to be the
> exact same version) when it's running.
> one of the design goals of vpopmail 6 is to have a dynamic library. when
> this happens, and if courier-authlib is changed so it uses the dynamic
> library, the file will need to be in place for
> courier-authlib's "authdaemond" process to run.
> however, minor updates to the file (re-compiles, minor
> upgrades to fix bugs, etc... things which don't change the API) will
> still allow authdaemond (and other programs which dynamically link
> against the library) to work correctly. the whole point of dynamic
> libraries is that the functions in the library are found by name at
> run-time, rather than having an explicit address or "function number" be
> hard-coded into the executable.
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