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Remo Mattei wrote:
Hello I have a few questions since I am building a new server. Now the
box is running centos 4.5 with qmail and fuzzyocr, spamassassin,dspam
and tmda with simscan the load during the day is hi since it's an old P3 1.2mgz and 1.5g of mem. this box is running mysql 4.1.x, vpopmail 5.4.17
with the DB already modified for the 5.4.20. I was looking at the new
centos 5 with mysql 5. Anyone has done the installation on this distro
or is anyone suggesting any other.


Sl;ackware 12, MySQL 5,  Qmail, MailScanner, S.A and so on...
MailScanner has the advantage of processing for spam/viruses in batch mode, thereby not holding open smtp connections and running multiple copies of everything, also nicely does phishing fraud tests and bad files and so on.

I've used RH based OS's before and trust me, for servers, I'd never use anything but Slackware now, its modern, clean and lean and not really modified from what all the programs were in tarball releases, which = less problems and less required updates because the likes of RH and co have not butchered it to bits.

But it's still Linux ;-) Who would want to run a linux-distribution when most of the software he wants are not included in the packaging-system?
I try to run as much as possible on FreeBSD.
FreeBSD has most of the stuff that is needed for a Toaster in the ports - and what is missing is on http://mail-toaster.org/

If you are going to use that as a stand point, maybe you need to use bloated winblows :) Or for that matter in Linux I think Ubuntu, or OpenSolaris as they all apparently have trillions of packages ... but I rather know whats going into my system and I know where it goes, and I know its compiled just right for my system, never any dependency issues and I *know* the sources have not been messed about with, FreeBSD ports are just like a RH/Deb, they will customised for the OS, and I hate it when they do it.

I tried CentOS5 once, but I'm not sure if I could get happy with it. E.g. I can't seem to be able to get around the 32bit vs. 64bit package-mess (I tried the 64 bit version inside VMware).

It's just another bloated RedHat OS.



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