I fail to see what this has to do with vpopmail.

Please take it off the list.


Michael Johnson wrote:
Quey wrote:
Michael Johnson wrote:
It is nice to use Slackware because it doesn't do funky stuff with
software. qmail installs fairly easily and fits in decently well. Oh, it
also works great on slower hardware because you can strip services to
the bare essentials easily and thus leave more resources for the actual
functions it needs to do.

and boots in 1/8th of the time RHES/CentOS does :)

Likely because RH actively probes for new hardware on every boot and
also launches a bunch of processes. While you can cut all that out and
make it boot fast, it takes a lot of work.

The only downside to Slackware is that it doesn't use PAM, so you need
to make local login accounts. Personally, I don't like PAM (it has had
many security issues in the past) and qmail doesn't use it, so it isn't
a big thing. Also, Slackware doesn't hold your hand on dependencies, but
if you are a decent system administrator, you shouldn't have problems
with that.

Eh? for what do you create local login accounts?

I follow the rule that one should never log in directly as root. In this
case, you need at least one mortal local account as an initial login.

 - Michael


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