Bruce McAlister wrote:
Hi All,

I am trying to build vpopmail 5.4.25 (have also tried 5.4.26) for use
with a PostgreSQL back end.

The hurdle I am coming up against is if I enable the valias option
and/or the sql logging option.

The PostgreSQL is not as frequently used as CDB and MySQL, and there are things missing from its back end. The error messages you are seeing indicate that the needed functions are not defined within the PostgreSQL back end.

I have attached the complete configure and gmake output runs for each of
the above configure options just in case it is an issue that you can see
earlier on in the build process.

Thanks for an excellent report!  I wish I had better news for you...

I am working on making all the back ends work the same way, but not being a PostgreSQL user, and not seeing all that many people using it, it isn't a high priority for me. I'll get around to it in or soon after version 6 hits the street. That may be a year or more out.

If you want the functions, and you can code c, you should copy the needed code from vmysql.c to pgsql.c and vmysql.h to vpgsql.h then adjust the queries as needed to work with PostgreSQL. It should not be all that hard to do. If you submit a patch I'll add it to the next release. If you wanted to sponsor me to do the work, paid work comes before open source projects. (The reason I haven't been seen here for so long... :)

On a side note, are there any other PostgreSQL users out there that can
recommend any additional parameters I should use with vpopmail?

There are a few. I think I've heard from about three other people who are using the PostgreSQL back end. Hopefully someone else will reply...

Also, what do the following configure options do, I've tried to find
documentation on them but am obviously looking in the wrong places:

[1] --enable-ip-alias-domains,

Allows vpopmail to use the incoming (server) IP address to determine which domain a user is associated with rather than requiring the user to supply it when they attempt to connect. (Using [EMAIL PROTECTED] instead of just user for the smtp/pop/imap user name in their mail reader.) This requires a unique IP address for each incoming domain that can be identified by an IP alias.

[2] --enable-qmail-ext

When enabled vpopmail (vdelivermail) will recognize files like .qmail-something in user directories. This lets the user manage multiple email addresses like [EMAIL PROTECTED]



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