Hold on this for a sec, I found a problem.. I diff'ed a different vpgsql
.c file than the one i wanted :/

Bruce McAlister wrote:
> Rick Widmer wrote:
>> That is the basic idea but it was the wrong approach.  Would you please
>> change vauth.c back the way it was, then make changes in vpgsql.c to
>> make it work.  Once that is done, then do a   diff -u oldfile newfile
>> and either post the results to this list, or upload it to the tracker on
>> SourceForge.  I'll patch CVS with it, and add you to the list of
>> contributors in Changelog.   It's really pretty easy.
>> The thing to remember, the rest of vpopmail is probably correct, all
>> problems should be fixed in vpgsql.c.  As long as you are testing and
>> using your patches to vpgsql.c or vpgsql.h I'll apply them to the next
>> release.  If you think you need changes to any other files, you'll have
>> to convince us why
>> ...
> I have attached a patch to vpgsql.c that will allow vpopmail 5.4.26 to
> compile with the "--enable-valias" and "--enable-sql-loggin" configure
> options, when "--enable-auth-module=pgsql" is in effect.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Please can someone with more experience with vpopmail and C double check
> the patch. I compared the functions against the mysql equivilents and
> the two appear to be in sync, except for the obvious differences :)
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I have not tested this as of yet.
> These were the things that I changed/added:
> [1] sqlBufUpdate typo, should be SqlBufUpdate
> [2] PGresultStatus typo, should be PQresultStatus (Thanks Charles Boening)
> [3] Copied and modified the following functions:
>       valias_select      -> valias_select_names
>       valias_select_next -> valias_select_names_next
> [4] Created a blank valias_select_names_end finction
> Thanks
> Bruce


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