Hi mates!

I'm using John Simpsons last combined patch... I'm trying to know if I
could any way... cause qmail to reject messages at smtp dialogue if users
we're trying to deliver is overquota instead of bouncing it... black lists
are nowadays becoming quite crazy IMHO but they're know blacklisting this
servers who bounce overquota... well infact now all servers that bounce
directly... it would be a nice idea to reject messages for overquoted

I have think doing an script that inserts and recreates validrcptto.cdb
this way no mail will enter from outside... but authenticated users are
able to bypass validrcptto... so will always be able to get that bounce...
anyway IMHO this is not the most worring thing... the problem is mainly
with outside servers and users... (not mine users...)

as a little idea... does qmail-local do anything in wich I could enter a
bash script any place wich does a remove the mail address from
validrcptto.txt and latter rebuild validrcptto.cbd file for not accepting
mail for overquota users? don't know exactly how to manage for this...

any ideas??


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