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I'm using John Simpsons last combined patch... I'm trying to know if I
could any way... cause qmail to reject messages at smtp dialogue if users we're trying to deliver is overquota instead of bouncing it... black lists are nowadays becoming quite crazy IMHO but they're know blacklisting this servers who bounce overquota... well infact now all servers that bounce
directly... it would be a nice idea to reject messages for overquoted

I've proposed the following solution, a few times over the years, and I still think it's a good one. It would fit your needs (and most people's needs) well.

Someone needs to make a qmail-smtpd patch that calls an external program to verify an account. That way, there's a single qmail-smtpd patch and you can come up with whatever program (chkuser, validrcptto, etc.) you want to verify an account.

You'd pass in the sender's address and the attempted recipient address. The program can have different exit codes for different conditions, and can even output a custom reject message. This would allow for handling lots of conditions:

* Temporary failure, user is over quota
* Permanent failure, user is over quote
* Permanent failure, account does not exist
* Permanent failure, "account closed, please use [EMAIL PROTECTED] instead"
* Accepted
* Accepted (by catchall)
* Rejected, "this account does not accept mail from [EMAIL PROTECTED]"

Hopefully someone with some time on their hands will take this on.

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