Steve wrote:
Quey wrote:
I back up our mysql db hourly with mysqldump, on 24 hour x 7day basis and with rsync I do it on all servers regardless of how many users they have, we also do it on a rolling 7 day basis

Pretty simple, you can expend on this greatly like I do in my main scripts by using logging, timeouts and alarms
but starting point would be:

Theres probably better ways of doing it, but this way has worked for me for years.

Another way, not necessarily better, but if you can do it, it is better, is to use MySQL replication as then it is real time backed up all the time.


Yup, however backups are done like this for a reason, say its a hosting server, a reseller accidentally deletes a domain by mistake, it's a friday afternoon, he's going away now and comes back monday morning to find a trillion messages on his phones and emails, if you do only replication, its lost, its lost pretty much almost the same time because its been instructed to DELETE from * etc, and the mailstore is certainly gone, my implication of doing all databases hourly x 7 days stems from my concern of trust in programmers making mistakes :) ehich of course they all claim they never do, unitl you realise you lost some pretty important data, especially the type of data you need to bill clients :)

Now if you only do a normal rsync backup, it's also lost for good, you can not recover, doing it my way means we can recover, might have lost a couple days but we can recover their mail (so long as they dont go away for over a week anyway hehehe)

Of course for normal ISP end-user-bases (dial/dsl/cable/etc) a single rsync is fine, but still backup all DB's for a week


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