Quey wrote:
Yup, however backups are done like this for a reason, say its a hosting server, a reseller accidentally deletes a domain by mistake, it's a friday afternoon, he's going away now and comes back monday morning to find a trillion messages on his phones and emails, if you do only replication, its lost, its lost pretty much almost the same time because its been instructed to DELETE from * etc, and the mailstore is certainly gone, my implication of doing all databases hourly x 7 days stems from my concern of trust in programmers making mistakes :) ehich of course they all claim they never do, unitl you realise you lost some pretty important data, especially the type of data you need to bill clients :)

Yep, I understand, but, realize too it depends on your replication procedure too, and also if you use a log file for your statements. From a log file, you can roll forward to the point in time just before the deletion and not lose the data. Which you can't do from a backup.

BUT, in no way did I mean to suggest a backup is not a good thing! Replication in no way replaces a backup. It supplements it. We do both. So, I agree with you, just adding another enhancemet, replication. It just isn't easy to set up for everyone, and, ideally, you do use SSL to encrypt the data.



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