Stephane Bouvard (ML) wrote:
define a long time?

More than 1h per 10GB (3h for 25GB) on a Gigabit lan.  Meaning of course that 
only a small part of this size are really transfered.

I've already seen a single account with more than 1.000.000 emails for less 
than 2Gig taking 3 hours, rsync have really difficult to handle so many files 
at once !

It should not take that long, the problem is with rsync is it needs to read every file you want to transfer, then read the same on its own server, then do the deletes, and then transfer (or other way around if you use --delete-after) I suspect it might be a disk issue, what are you reading from and to? scsci? any raid?

and what FS do you use (ext2|3/reiser/etc...)?

reiserfs, on ext3 such big directory is really not a good idea :)

true :), but do you use it on both? remembering as I said above it needs to "read" on rysnc server as well, writes are, well the timing difference between them is really not to much to be bothered about, so if your rsync server uses ext2/3 thats fine for writes, but youll have the severe performance hit on its "read".

Whats the command you are using for rsync?
(please, I know you wont, but I'll ask anyway because you'd be surprised how many people do, but dont include any username or pass stuff, we dont need to known your rsync username or your secrets file-name :) )


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